Sunday, October 19th, both servers will be stopped for 1 hour (between 23:00 and 00:00 Server Time), so we can make some updates to it.

This will include the elimination of the possibility of 1 soldier raids. After the update of the code, it will only be possible to do raids if there are at least 2 soldiers of the same type in the attack group. Normal attacks will still be possible with 1 soldier.

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Server 2 is launched and you can register here if you want to play on it. Everyone that registers on it receives a 7 day VIP package, so you can see what it has to offer.


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Finally, we are ready to launch Server 2 in a few days, with all the changes done to it.

Server 2 will be launched Monday (September 15th) at 10:00 AM (GMT+2). We decided to skip the pre-registration period, since we’ll be ready to launch.

Only after you confirm the email address will your village be placed on the map, depending on the corner of the map you’ve chosen and the moment when you confirmed the account. You can find a more detailed explanation on how accounts are placed on the map here.

It will be a different experience from Server 1, as there are many changes to the stats and costs of troops and buildings, plus a higher density of players on the map. We tried to balance the troops as much as possible, and we hope we did a good job, giving each civilization strengths and weaknesses, giving civilizations that were supposed to be defensive their true place.

You will see higher defensive or offensive values in some places, as we tried to bring to a similar level the amount of offensive or defensive points a civilization can make in a 24 hour interval. The defensive civilizations will make more defensive points in 24 hours then an offensive one.

The new Server 2 Manual contains the new Excel files, with the changes brought by Server 2, for units, buildings and resources.

Server 2 changes:

  • better balance for military units (modified only the offensive/defensive units, with catapults, rams, spies, senators, settlers, archers remaining the same)
  • modified costs for resource mines, a bit higher for the low levels and lower for later levels.
  • modified costs for some buildings, including a decrease in stone needed for fortress/castle
  • modified upgrade costs for troops in Training Ground and Arena
  • modified influence points levels that allow you to create new villages. A bit slower in the beginning and faster as the account grows.

You can probably see it in the game message we sent, but I’ll announce it here as well. We finally launched the payment system for the VIP package. It can be paid with PayPal right now, but we’ll add the credit card option as well, in a few weeks.

You can see the in game message below:

After a few delays and changes to the code of the VIP package, we are finally releasing the payment system, which allows you to buy a VIP package. Before you buy it, you can activate the 7 day free trial period in the VIP page (if you haven’t already), to see what the VIP has to offer.

The only payment option available right now is through PayPal, but we hope to introduce credit card payments in a few weeks. The link to the VIP page can be found in the upper part of the page.

At $8 for the 3 months package, we think that the VIP is very accessible to everyone and it offers a lot for the money you pay. For just $2.67/month you get features like the building queue, a logo in your profile, no ads, tools like the distance calculator or the extended map, knowing exactly when you’ll have enough resources to start a building and much more. That, plus you help us support the server costs of the game and getting a new design for the game.

If you don’t want to buy a VIP package, don’t worry. Imperial Ages will always be a free game and the VIP features will not offer those that pay unfair advantages over the others. They’re just for comfort and saving some time.

We’ll keep adding new features to the VIP package in time, and if you have any ideas of new things to add, you can send an email to or an in game message to user ImperialAges.

The full list of what the VIP package offers can be found here.


As you can see we have a few delays in the launch of the payment system for the VIP, because of some changes that will take a few days to be made. We’re hoping for the end of the week, but the programmers also have full time jobs and there is only so much they can do in their spare time.

As for Server 2, the changes to the unit stats, buildings costs, resources costs and upgrade costs for troops are done (including a bigger dungeon). Still on the list: modifying the influence points needed to found new villages and a few others.

We aimed to balance the civilizations somewhat, making sure that each civilization produces a certain attack or defense in a 24 hour period, according to their offensive or defensive profile.

The resources costs increased a bit for the early levels and decreased for the higher ones. They are now made according to the increase in resources, and the time of recuperating the spent resources on a new level varies from 60 hours at lvl 1 to 400 hours at lvl 15 and 600 hours at lvl 20 (for gold mines). Also the cost of the buildings that allow you to build lvl 11-15 and 16-20 mines are considerably smaller now.

As for the costs of the buildings, we increased them in some places, and decreased them in others (stone required for castle/fortress).

We’re hopping for the weekend or the beginning of next week to start pre-registrations, and the server a few days after that. But, once again, no guarantees here either.

I’ll update again when I have a sure date for the Server 2 launch, together with all the changes in costs and stats.

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We just released the VIP package, and if you’re registered in the game you received the announcement already by in-game message.

The VIP features you can find here.

You have a 7 day free trial to test it, and see if you like what it has to offer. If you don’t, you can still play the game for free, and you’re under no obligation to buy anything. The game is still free for everyone. The VIP package is for those that want some comfort features while supporting the further development of the game and the running costs.

We’ll release the payment by PayPal in a few days for the VIP and we’ll look into adding credit card payments in September probably. We need to test the PayPal payment first, so it will take 1-2 days before you can buy the package. In the meantime, go to the VIP page, in the upper part of the page and activate your free 7 day trial.

Enjoy :)


Raywall just completed the deletion of all inactive players that haven’t logged in for at least 2 months and had a score lower than 5.

For those worried that this isn’t unfair for the new users, it should not be the case. Inactive players older than 2 months were from older regions, where there are strong players. New users still have inactive accounts in their area.

How we’re going to handle inactive accounts in the future

When Raywall has some time to make this, players that did not log in for 4 weeks will receive an email, telling them that their accounts will be marked as inactive two weeks later.

If he still doesn’t log in, 6 weeks after the last login his account will be marked as inactive and one of two things will happen:

Case 1: small accounts will be deleted directly (score lower than 50 maybe)

Case 2: bigger accounts will be marked as inactive, all their troops will be killed, castle/fortress destroyed, loyalty will drop to 1% in all villages and the first senator attack on them will win the village. This is also the case for capital cities. Inactive accounts where cities can be taken easily, will be marked with a special color on the map.

In Case 2, inactive villages will stay on the map for 2 weeks. If they’re not taken in that period of time, they will be deleted from the game.

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Hey there.

Just wanted to let you know that the second age of Imperial Ages has been introduced to the game.

It comes with an upgrade to most of the troops that are in the game, and some of them get new names as well. A bit later in the second age you will also get at least one new building, which will dramatically increase the capacity of your merchants, making it easier to supply your villages.

You can upgrade to Gunpowder Age in a lvl 20 City Hall, in the Gunpowder Age tab.

Requirements for the second age:

  • City Hall lvl 20 (in the lvl 20 City Hall you can make the upgrade to the second age)
  • 2 Villages
  • Population 600 minimum total for your account
  • 30,000 Gold, 30,000 Iron, 30,000 Wood, 30,000 Stone
  • 10% of the cost of all troops you have in your villages.

The resources for the upgrade are taken in an equal percentage from all villages that belong to your account.

So, if you need 200,000 resources for the upgrade, and you have 250,000 total in all your villages, 80% of the resources in each village will be taken for the upgrade.

Prices of all troops, capacity and special attack values are increased by 20%.
Attack and defense values are increased by at least 20%, in most cases by more (20-40%).

Troop speed was increased by 1 for all troops from the second age.

Enjoy! And let us know if there are any problems!

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Yet another milestone was reached today, the 2 month one, and also the one with 4000 registered players (not that many active players though).

Raywall worked hard these past few days, and most of the changes announced in my previous blog post are done and you can see them below.

Changed the way the raid works

The raid was changed to work just like the normal attack, but you lose only 50% of the troops you were supposed to. So, you can lose a maximum of 50% of your troops in a raid, if you lose the battle. Stealing resources and gaining general experience is conditioned on winning the battle. The combat simulator now reflects these changes.

Send back only a part of the reinforcements

You now have the option to send or recall only some of the reinforcements, instead of all. So if you want to keep some troops and send some back, now you can. For each reinforcement received you now have two options in the Camping Ground, "Send back all" and "Send back". The "Send back" option allows you to choose which troops to send back home and which to keep.


Also, new reinforcement troops sent from the same village will be grouped together in the Camping Ground from now on. Existing reinforcements will remain the same, due to the difficulties and risks involved in grouping them right now.

Changed building hitpoints

As announced, we’ve modified the hitpoints of buildings. Instead of 100 hitpoints per level for all buildings, the values are those below:

500 Hitpoints per level: Fortress and Castle

300 Hitpoints per level: Warehouse, Treasury, Camping Ground, Gold Mine, Barracks, Stable, Arena, Training Ground, Military Academy, Stonemason, Archery Range, Tavern, Royal Court, Siege Workshop

200 Hitpoints per level: Wood, Iron and Stone resource fields; Consulate, Trade Office, City Hall, Trade Center, Dungeon

One level buildings:

  • 4000 hitpoints: Sawmill, Stone Cutter, Iron Forge, Gold Purifier, Deep Shaft
  • 6000 hitpoints: General’s House

Also, you can now see how many hitpoints a building has when you enter it. In the example below it’s the number 1500.



What’s next for the 3rd month of the beta?

Some of the plans for the 3rd month of the game include a new template for the front page of the game and the blog, starting the work on the unit stats for the second age of the game, launching the VIP package, finishing the manual and probably a referral system with VIP packages as prizes for people that bring new players into the game.

As always, if you notice any bugs caused by these changes, let us know in the forums or using the Report a bug option from the game.


As I’ve mentioned on the game forums, we had a meeting last Sunday and with great results. We managed to come to a conclusion regarding some difficult problems from the game and a series of improvements to be added to the VIP system, especially in the statistics department.

What we decided:

Raid – the raid will remain in the game, but we will change the way it functions, bringing it closer to the normal battle system. It will function the same as a normal attack for the most part, but we will cut in half the number of casualties, so the most you can lose in a raid is half the troops you send. The attacker will be able to steal resources only if he wins the raid.

Beginner Protection – besides the normal 7 day period of total protection, we will implement a system that protects beginners from being attacked by people more than twice their size. This type of protection will function as long as the user has a score smaller than 100 or less than 30 days since he started.

Hitpoints increase for buildings – we decided to increase the number of hitpoints for buildings and differentiate between them. Economic buildings will likely see double/triple number of hitpoints depending on the building, military buildings will see the hitpoints triple, and the fortress (that marks the capital) will probably see an even higher increase.

The increase in hitpoints for buildings is caused by a number of things: low cost of special attack upgrades that are too late to be changed for this server; high rate of development and the relatively low cost of catapults compared with the resource production potential of the game.

Modifications to how reinforcements are displayed in the camping ground.

Right now, if you send 10 reinforcements from the same village, it will make 10 different tables in the camping ground, creating a longer list that is not necessary. We decided to group all reinforcements coming from the same village in a single table.

Another modification in this area is the possibility to send back or withdraw only certain troops that are sent as reinforcements, or only a certain number. Right now you can only send back or withdraw all troops that were sent. So if someone will send you troops that you don’t need as reinforcements, you will be able to send them back while keeping the troops you need.

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