2 Months Since The Launch And A Few Major Changes

Yet another milestone was reached today, the 2 month one, and also the one with 4000 registered players (not that many active players though).

Raywall worked hard these past few days, and most of the changes announced in my previous blog post are done and you can see them below.

Changed the way the raid works

The raid was changed to work just like the normal attack, but you lose only 50% of the troops you were supposed to. So, you can lose a maximum of 50% of your troops in a raid, if you lose the battle. Stealing resources and gaining general experience is conditioned on winning the battle. The combat simulator now reflects these changes.

Send back only a part of the reinforcements

You now have the option to send or recall only some of the reinforcements, instead of all. So if you want to keep some troops and send some back, now you can. For each reinforcement received you now have two options in the Camping Ground, "Send back all" and "Send back". The "Send back" option allows you to choose which troops to send back home and which to keep.


Also, new reinforcement troops sent from the same village will be grouped together in the Camping Ground from now on. Existing reinforcements will remain the same, due to the difficulties and risks involved in grouping them right now.

Changed building hitpoints

As announced, we’ve modified the hitpoints of buildings. Instead of 100 hitpoints per level for all buildings, the values are those below:

500 Hitpoints per level: Fortress and Castle

300 Hitpoints per level: Warehouse, Treasury, Camping Ground, Gold Mine, Barracks, Stable, Arena, Training Ground, Military Academy, Stonemason, Archery Range, Tavern, Royal Court, Siege Workshop

200 Hitpoints per level: Wood, Iron and Stone resource fields; Consulate, Trade Office, City Hall, Trade Center, Dungeon

One level buildings:

  • 4000 hitpoints: Sawmill, Stone Cutter, Iron Forge, Gold Purifier, Deep Shaft
  • 6000 hitpoints: General’s House

Also, you can now see how many hitpoints a building has when you enter it. In the example below it’s the number 1500.



What’s next for the 3rd month of the beta?

Some of the plans for the 3rd month of the game include a new template for the front page of the game and the blog, starting the work on the unit stats for the second age of the game, launching the VIP package, finishing the manual and probably a referral system with VIP packages as prizes for people that bring new players into the game.

As always, if you notice any bugs caused by these changes, let us know in the forums or using the Report a bug option from the game.

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  • "John"

    Just want to thank you guys for all your hard work on this gem of a game. I signed up today and am already having tons of fun. I realize how much work, coding, and expertise goes into making a game like this (even though I’m not a game programmer). Bravo, and I’ll be sticking around to play nearly every day.

  • archery87

    Hey great game, works really well allready (seen that it is only a beta) The concept is great :)

    I would like to ask for two features: 1 being able to add more items in the building list. (I don’t always have the time to wait around for every building to be completed) 2 adding a discription of what the pictos mean. Though some are quite explanatory others could mean about anything.

    Anyways great work, keep it up…

  • Nice game written in ASP.NET, and thanks for the good job. Keep it up guys!

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