Game updates for 27 August. Graphics, the test version, the future look of the forum.


Alex / Hi guys. The intro story of the game is somewhat finished and was done by a friend of ours that has better english skills then us .Some minor tweaks will be made in the next few days to make it a bit more readable (adding a few more commas where they’re needed and other […]


Alex / And now, just to be on the safe side and to make sure Raywall and Mars don’t strangle me, two of the four most valuable members of our team are on vacation, and working on the game. Mars is on a 1 week vacation, with 1 extra week when we launch the game. Raywall is […]

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Well, the graphics of the game are almost finished. In the past 3 weeks I had to modify a certain template to match our own needs for space and look. Although it was a really nice template, it was more suitable for a flash page than for a strategy game. I had to make the […]