Alex / This is my to do list for the next period (my work is putting down on paper the game – everything in this list is writing for the game, no programming involved): the military units are finished but they’re spread across three excel files, so I need to make a single one and […]

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Alex / Well, I just arrived home from the city where Raywall and Tony live. I met them with Mars, explained the battle system and a couple of other things that they didn’t know how it should happen. The 8 pages of text that described the battle system for Imperial Ages isn’t as hard to […]

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Alex / What I did today on paper: finished the costs, atack and defense values for the second half of the military units, research and building dependencies for those units to be built finished the concepts behind the rams, catapults, the units that found villages, the units that steal villages and the leader unit. All […]