Server 2 was restarted today, so if you want to start over on a new server, go to and register. The new graphics are 90% done, so they’ll probably be ready by the end of the month. They’ll be implemented on all open servers when they’re done. We’re on Twitter If you have a […]

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As the title says, the Gunpowder Age has been launched on S2. You can upgrade to the second age from the Gunpowder Age tab in the City Hall. Requirements: City Hall lvl 20 at least 2 villages at least 600 population 30,000 for each resource plus 10% of the training costs of all the military […]


To make the change required by daylight savings time, the server will be stopped for 1 hour on Sunday, October 26th, between 23:00 and 00:00 Server Time. When it starts again hour 00:00 will become 23:00. The code will also be updated, fixing a few bugs from the game. The server downtime will affect both […]

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Sunday, October 19th, both servers will be stopped for 1 hour (between 23:00 and 00:00 Server Time), so we can make some updates to it. This will include the elimination of the possibility of 1 soldier raids. After the update of the code, it will only be possible to do raids if there are at […]

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Server 2 is launched and you can register here if you want to play on it. Everyone that registers on it receives a 7 day VIP package, so you can see what it has to offer. Enjoy!

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Finally, we are ready to launch Server 2 in a few days, with all the changes done to it. Server 2 will be launched Monday (September 15th) at 10:00 AM (GMT+2). We decided to skip the pre-registration period, since we’ll be ready to launch. Only after you confirm the email address will your village be […]


As you can see we have a few delays in the launch of the payment system for the VIP, because of some changes that will take a few days to be made. We’re hoping for the end of the week, but the programmers also have full time jobs and there is only so much they […]

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