The speed server was started sooner than we expected. Sorry for launching it sooner. We’ll try to stick to the schedule from now on. You can play here: You can register here: The protection period lasts 24 hours. The server speed is 8x (everything happens 8 times faster than on a normal server).


The Speed Server will start on July 6th at 23:00 (11:00 PM server time – 08:00 PM GMT time) . From now until July 6th the pre registration period is open, allowing you to register your username and activate it. You will not be able to log in until the server starts. The address of […]


In around 3 weeks, when S1 closes, we will start a speed round, our first one. It will last around 1 month and it will allow us to finish the graphics for the S1 restart. What we’re looking at right now for the speed round: 6-8 times faster than a normal server (resources gathering, troop […]

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