Speed Round Started

The speed server was started sooner than we expected. Sorry for launching it sooner. We’ll try to stick to the schedule from now on.

You can play here: http://speed.imperialages.com

You can register here: http://speed.imperialages.com/Register.aspx

The protection period lasts 24 hours.

The server speed is 8x (everything happens 8 times faster than on a normal server).

Posted by: on Jul 6th, 2009
In: Speed Rounds
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  • ss death gaurd

    when does it end the speed server and when does s1 start up?


  • Hi. Speed server has been shut down for a couple of days now; any word on S1 or forum reopening? When S1 reopens, will there be any changes to the rules (like eliminating or significantly restricting sitting rules)? Thanks.

  • Blueagle32

    Well i would just like to second what Shadokin said…..and hopefully S1 starts up soon..

  • Extremist

    Any idea when it will start?

    S1 can have similar rules as SS, and if sitter is permitted, they should not be able to access camping ground or trade centers. (like they cannot access Alliance tab or profile tab now)

  • C4xuxo

    This server is down??

    S1 S2 and S3 are all closed! where can i play?

  • You can register on S2 here: http://s2.imperialages.com/Register.aspx

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