S1, Soon To Be Launched

We will re-launch Server 1 next week, hopefully on September 1st. There will be one change to the server, which was requested by many in time. We will limit the number of people someone can sit for to just two.

The forums will be reopened one or two days before S1 will be launched.

Posted by: on Aug 28th, 2009
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  • Blueagle32

    Sounds good, will there be pre registrations?

  • That is the only change? sounds like a pretty one sided adjustment. Way to make the game more offensive driven you will notice far less people playing because there will be fewer tools to limit the bullies. But I am sure TA will be happy and that would seem to be what it is all about:) all the multiple accouters will be very happy too:(

  • Shadokin

    Glad to hear this will finally be fixed. It’s not an “adjustment”; it’s fixing an exploit to keep some folks from abusing the sitter system, and using it to run 10, 20, 30 or more accounts all by themselves. It’s stopping people from cheating, and most of the players will welcome it.
    I wouldn’t worry about this causing people to leave; the only ones who will leave will be those who don’t like that you’re making it harder for them to run multiple accounts. Any game is better without people who play that way.

  • Extremist

    Nice… this should curb cheating a bit. But i wonder.. if people know each others pass, login and use many armies,…will the admins delete those accounts? else we are again facing an group of good for nothings..
    Wat say ya Shado?…i feel it should be like the SS..delete without warning

  • ss death gaurd

    what about people who have siblings that isnt fare to us then we both cant play…

  • Mars

    Actually, there are a few changes in the rules as well. We won`t tolerate cheaters anymore. I mean, until now we tryed to talk with them in the first place, and then delete their account.

    From now on, we`ll delete and then ask questions. Also those who post adult images or use innapropiate language, or innapropiate nicknames, village names, messages etc will be warned, we`ll give a certain punishment(in resources) and then delete their account.

    Also if someone will use inactive accounts for military purpose he risks to loose all those account including his own.

    We don`t have 8 hours/day to hunt the cheaters so we`ll take a few measures to limit their number.

  • ss death gaurd

    so me and my brother cant play on the same server anymore because it counts as cheating?

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