Just wanted to remind everyone that the alpha test of Imperial Ages will end tomorrow, so we have a few days to get everything ready for the official launch Monday, March 24. We’re comfortable enough with the current version of the game and the major bugs that are solved to call it a Beta version. […]

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Hey guys. I’m glad to announce that tonight we’re launching the new alpha version of Imperial Ages. Raywall and Mars worked hard on this version and you’ll see a new and hopefully improved upper part, a new map, troop consumption (tomorrow). The new upper part allows for less scrolling and you can also see the […]

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If you’ve logged in today, you probably know that the Alpha Server was restarted with a new game version. The users remain, but you’ll have to start from scratch with the buildings again. It’s still a speed round, so it shouldn’t be too hard. What’s new: most of the bugs reported so far have been […]

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Alpha Test: www.imperialages.net Report bugs: www.imperialages.com/forums Latest announcements: www.imperialages.com/blog Well, it’s been a pretty cool ride so far. 38 players registered in these first 12 hours of the alpha test, with an average of 50-60 page views each. First thing that made us laugh our ass off, we opened registrations and the server was sending […]


It’s buggy, not finished, but since we delayed it enough already, it’s launched! www.imperialages.net is the location of the alpha test for Imperial Ages Please keep in mind that this is a test and there is a lot of small and big stuff that needs adjusted, repaired or added. Use the Imperial Ages Forums or […]

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