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Well, it’s been a pretty cool ride so far. 38 players registered in these first 12 hours of the alpha test, with an average of 50-60 page views each.

First thing that made us laugh our ass off, we opened registrations and the server was sending the wrong activation links. Talk about irony. Worked perfectly for us, so no idea what the problem is yet. We took the activation out for now, so people could register.

The game is in speed round mode right now, which means that everything happens 33 times faster then normal. So you’ll see more resources coming your way then what the sidebar is reporting, buildings and units are trained very fast, and all attacks take 1 minute to reach the enemy.

Until I finish the tutorial, you can download the xls files (need Excel) for the building tree and the game units, with costs, attack, defense values, and so on.

Here are the download links (left click to download):

Download Game Building Tree – Excel File

Download Units Details – Excel File

If you don’t have Microsoft Office and Excel, you can download a free Excel Viewer here.

Most reported problems so far:

  • login/registration pages don’t display right on Linux
  • some people have problems using Opera because it uses the cache, and doesn’t always take the latest version of the images from the server
  • messages page is not done yet, so it gives an error and everyone thinks its a bug. Nope, it’s just missing.
  • spelling errors. We’ll fix them in the next few days, because it bothers people, though it’s the smallest of our problems right now.
Posted by: on Oct 16th, 2007
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  • Fromzon

    Hi guys,
    I’m new here,
    let’s have fun with the Alpha test :-)

  • Patroclo

    Can be a gread game, by now, playing a test version… no bugs!

  • Patroclo, there are still some bugs in the game, and some features that haven’t been implemented.

  • i download a lot of free games online and there are lots of it online.**`

  • i would really like to download games all the day long but most download sites are not free-~~

  • soem sites that offer download games have viruses and spywares on it. so make sure to have some antivirus on your PC ‘~-

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