Alpha Test Ends Tomorrow, March 21, 2008


Just wanted to remind everyone that the alpha test of Imperial Ages will end tomorrow, so we have a few days to get everything ready for the official launch Monday, March 24. We’re comfortable enough with the current version of the game and the major bugs that are solved to call it a Beta version.

If you log in right now you can see the improved upper part of the page that will be part of the beta. The building queue has also been implemented and you can see what you are currently building in the left sidebar. You can build a resource and a normal building at the same time.

The ingame alliance forums are also up, but will go through a major redesign in the near future, probably after the beta is launched. I’m talking about graphics and functionality.

The VIP system will not be in place when we launch the beta, but it will be finished in the coming weeks, and those that will want to use the comfort features of the VIP package will be able to pay for a 3 month subscription through PayPal. We’re looking at something like $7.99 right now for the 3 month VIP package. The game can be played easily even without the VIP, this is a free game after all, but the VIP will give you some options like no ads, the ability to have a logo or banner in the player profile, an extra building in the queue and so on. We’re hoping to make it well worth those few dollars if you decide to pay and support the game.

I for one will work on the game manual in the next few days and hopefully have it finished by Monday, though the Easter feast, drinking and recovery period will make it a bit hard.

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