New Alpha Version And Server Restarted

If you’ve logged in today, you probably know that the Alpha Server was restarted with a new game version. The users remain, but you’ll have to start from scratch with the buildings again. It’s still a speed round, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

What’s new:

  • most of the bugs reported so far have been fixed (we hope),
  • grammatical errors fixed (most of them),
  • the battle should be more stable,
  • the general can recover from injuries,
  • loyalty regeneration for cities,
  • you can click on a city on the map and send resources from that window
  • player/village profile
  • you can click on a soldier icon in the camping ground and see its stats

Also, the map is much smaller. The first version was 401×401 squares, and this one is 51×51, so it’s easier to get to other players.

If you see bugs, please report them in the forums or at the Report a bug page, linked from the game.

Posted by: on Nov 19th, 2007
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