New Alpha Version – Probably Last Before The Beta

Hey guys. I’m glad to announce that tonight we’re launching the new alpha version of Imperial Ages. Raywall and Mars worked hard on this version and you’ll see a new and hopefully improved upper part, a new map, troop consumption (tomorrow).

The new upper part allows for less scrolling and you can also see the new game logo in the upper left corner.

Those with large armies will have a small problem here, as troops didn’t consume any gold until now. So in around 24 hours from now, all troops will consume gold, and if you don’t have enough gold in the village, troops will begin to die once the treasury is empty.

In the next 24 hours those with big armies will need to either send the troops in other villages when they’re not using them so they consume the gold from there or upgrade the gold fields in villages with armies.

If you don’t take some kind of action to save your troops you’re going to lose them as they will leave if they’re not paid. Sorry for this, but this is an alpha server and we need to test the new version and prepare for the official launch (in a few weeks we hope).

That’s it for now, the new version will be up in a few hours. Please let us know in the comments what you think about the new look when it goes live.

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