Game graphics Update

The players that helped us test the game complained that the game header is too big and they have to scroll the page down every time they take an action. So I’ve made the header zone smaller(about 130 px smaller) so now you have to scroll down just in a few situations, and only if you don`t have at least 1024*768. Unfortunately you still need to scroll the page in the village unless your monitor resolution is 1280*1024 or higher.

These are the modifications made on the game interface:

– New Logo – We have a new logo made from 2 crossed swords and a shield, This logo will represent from now Imperial Ages and we already use it on our laptops(using stickers) and on the coffee cups.


– New Game Header – We liked the knight very much, but since he occupied too much space we decided to let him go. Instead we’ve put a dark zone in which special type of messages will appear.
– Map Redesigned – The map was the worst part made by me for the game. It was made in a hurry because we needed a way to see the map and i didn’t have the time back then to implement something more complex. It was a simple map made using table cells. Now we have a new map, which looks really great, occupies less space(although it shows almost the same number of villages) and now has a Map Legend, making it easier to see your villages, Villages of the alliance members, Alliance Allies villages, the villages of those that are at war with you and so on.

– There are other minor changes in the game interface, but most of them can be seen only by those who take a look in the game code.

All these things are done but need to be implemented in the game by Ricko.

Things I need to finish in the near future:

map-new– Large map. A way to see the entire map in one glance. Probably it will be huge(maybe 800*800 pixels) and it will give you the possibility to customize the map. For instance you`ll be able to chose the colors for your villages, your alliance villages, allies, neutral and so on. Of course you`ll have a fixed number of colors you can choose from.


– Village Variations – Now there is just a village you can have. When we`ll launch the game or even sooner you`ll have around 10-15 different villages(different resource order) which you can conquer.

– A few extra buttons for the game interface, some small modifications to the layout.

– A WordPress theme for the blog, which will be available to download for free to everyone.

– Wallpapers with our new logo.


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  • tigmig

    the map looks very nice , good job , that will make things lot’s easyer

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