Updates On The VIP Payment And Server 2

As you can see we have a few delays in the launch of the payment system for the VIP, because of some changes that will take a few days to be made. We’re hoping for the end of the week, but the programmers also have full time jobs and there is only so much they can do in their spare time.

As for Server 2, the changes to the unit stats, buildings costs, resources costs and upgrade costs for troops are done (including a bigger dungeon). Still on the list: modifying the influence points needed to found new villages and a few others.

We aimed to balance the civilizations somewhat, making sure that each civilization produces a certain attack or defense in a 24 hour period, according to their offensive or defensive profile.

The resources costs increased a bit for the early levels and decreased for the higher ones. They are now made according to the increase in resources, and the time of recuperating the spent resources on a new level varies from 60 hours at lvl 1 to 400 hours at lvl 15 and 600 hours at lvl 20 (for gold mines). Also the cost of the buildings that allow you to build lvl 11-15 and 16-20 mines are considerably smaller now.

As for the costs of the buildings, we increased them in some places, and decreased them in others (stone required for castle/fortress).

We’re hopping for the weekend or the beginning of next week to start pre-registrations, and the server a few days after that. But, once again, no guarantees here either.

I’ll update again when I have a sure date for the Server 2 launch, together with all the changes in costs and stats.

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