VIP Payment System Launched

You can probably see it in the game message we sent, but I’ll announce it here as well. We finally launched the payment system for the VIP package. It can be paid with PayPal right now, but we’ll add the credit card option as well, in a few weeks.

You can see the in game message below:

After a few delays and changes to the code of the VIP package, we are finally releasing the payment system, which allows you to buy a VIP package. Before you buy it, you can activate the 7 day free trial period in the VIP page (if you haven’t already), to see what the VIP has to offer.

The only payment option available right now is through PayPal, but we hope to introduce credit card payments in a few weeks. The link to the VIP page can be found in the upper part of the page.

At $8 for the 3 months package, we think that the VIP is very accessible to everyone and it offers a lot for the money you pay. For just $2.67/month you get features like the building queue, a logo in your profile, no ads, tools like the distance calculator or the extended map, knowing exactly when you’ll have enough resources to start a building and much more. That, plus you help us support the server costs of the game and getting a new design for the game.

If you don’t want to buy a VIP package, don’t worry. Imperial Ages will always be a free game and the VIP features will not offer those that pay unfair advantages over the others. They’re just for comfort and saving some time.

We’ll keep adding new features to the VIP package in time, and if you have any ideas of new things to add, you can send an email to or an in game message to user ImperialAges.

The full list of what the VIP package offers can be found here.

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  • Norman broome

    I hope that you accept credit cards soon, because I will not use paypal as I had my paypal stolen previously.

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