VIP Features

The VIP package allows you to have some extra comfort features, making the game more enjoyable for those that want to support the further development of the game. It’s not built to give unfair advantages to those that pay, just to make the game easier. We will keep adding new features to the VIP package in the future, to make sure the money you pay for it are a good investment.

Building Queue – allows you to put a construction in waiting, and it will start automatically to be built once the current building is finished. It allows you to log in less to give building orders and still be competitive in the game.

No ads – if you choose to buy the VIP package and support the game, you will see no more ads while you play.

Events area – instead of ads, VIP’s will see an area that lets them know what’s going on with their account, without refreshing the page. It will tell you about finished buildings, merchants arrived, incoming messages, new reports and incoming attacks.

Tools – right now there are two tools available only to VIP’s.
Distance calculator – is a tool that calculates the distance from any user and village to everyone around him or to a certain alliance. It’s easy to see with it who are the closest allies that can reinforce you or what enemy players are within the range of your armies.
Extended map – allows you to see the position of all the members of an alliance on the server map, and compare with up to 4 other alliances. Great for planning wars, this tool can tell you what are the areas where the enemy has more players than you.

Friends page – instead of checking the statistics to see someone’s evolution, you can add everyone you’re interested in to the Friends page, and always see their evolution for the last 7 days. It’s also a quick way to have access to their list of villages or profile.

Math helpers – if calculating when you’re have the resources to build something or when will your warehouse be full isn’t something you enjoy, then this is something you’ll like. The VIP package activates some useful features:
– clicking on the warehouse capacity of a resource will now show you in how much time will the warehouse be full or become empty
– when you don’t have enough resources to build something, as a VIP owner you will see in how much time you’ll have enough to start the upgrade.

Export scout report to combat simulator – with just one click, the latest report from your scouts is entered in the combat simulator automatically, so you don’t have to manually type each number. All you need to do now is add your own troops and see the results.

Profile Logo – you have a banner or logo that you want to show off? The VIP package lets you do that, and you can have an image in your profile just like alliances have.