Game Story

The world has changed. Under the heavy hand of history, land is changing its shape, people are changing their lives and words are changing their meanings. An older concept is being brought back to the present: power – the measure of all things. This deceiving flame had once made people unite in search for security and stability, from scattered tribes to vast empires with huge armies. Now, the Evil has shown his face and Power claims its deceptions, tearing families apart and pointing humans in a gloomy direction: death and decay.

Every warrior would say that having power means having a name and respect. But because desires or, better said, lusts make a person weaker, most of these warriors would suffer death, when their illusion of power becomes their psychosis. They will rewrite the legend of the Sirens, but, with time, the power sings for them – mere sailors.

In the Great Dark Halls, Evil names its human generals to lead the armies which will raise the flag of War upon the Earth. In return for this service, the humans are promised what they desired the most: power and domination.

The Ancient Stones, speak in great silence of an alliance of brave men, Fate of the Rose, ruled by four brothers that, hundreds of years ago, kept the flag of freedom up, against the Lords of the Dark Empire. This alliance was a flawless masterpiece of human values that stood still against the visions of the dark side.

The four brothers were all the parts of a perfect mechanism. They were as follows: the Trader, having well developed capacity of weighting not only goods, but also situations and a precise sense of numbers; the Priest, with unfailable faith, caretaker of the beliefs of people seeking advice and answers; the Warrior, courageous and masterful in the arts of war, he enclosed within himself the knowledge of weapons; the last one is the Barbarian, resembling in some ways the Warrior, he was endowed with great physical strength and great impact over the enemies, due to his numerous armies, attacking with rage and lust for glory.

In their last great victory against human evil, they heard of a relic with great power, the Sceptre of Ur, an artifact that could unite all people under a sole commandment. Right before the alliance got to the last bastion of the Dark Empire, one of the Dark Lords displaced the Sceptre in four pieces and buried them in four corners of the world. Assuming that the destruction of this instrument will guard peace and freedom, the four brothers departed, one in each corner of the four.

After finding them, one after another, the brave knights succumbed to the desire of being for themselves rulers of the peace and freedom they desired. Their weaknesses got deeper and, as they have settled and established their own kingdoms, an irreversible separation between them had also appeared. Their new-born kingdoms were: The Papal State, The Hanseatic League, Valachia and the Mongol Empire. Old family ties are forgotten, ideas and virtues are put behind and the Four are now in quest for ultimate power but, unlike old times, for their own. A war is now imminent.

Civilizations were forged and conquered inside war rooms, a fiery competition developed between them and evolution was climbing quickly to its highest peaks. As time passed, the four kingdoms got bigger, stronger, they developed new standards of living and fighting and they permanently searched for more.

The Sceptre of Ur could not be assembled, since none of the four leaders would give up his piece. But it has been heard of other relics which, found and put together, would give great mystical power to the bearer. Alas, no matter of how great that power could be or get, it couldn’t have last forever. And everyone seemed to know that, because their kingdoms were getting prepared for war.

As this story is about to end at the border between past and present, reality will now decide the fate of its participants. In these auspicious times, as history prepares a new page to be written, the Ancient Stones sigh in despair and prepare to witness, as ever before, a new chapter of Man’s bizarre ways. As Evil achieved what it had desired, a few lines speaking of it are to be found engraved in the Stones:

“Powerful and laughing

Crowned with Hate He stands,

Gathering all things mortal,

With cold, immortal hands”

Thus, the hunt for power begins…