1. By registering with Imperial Ages you have to agree to the terms of use.

2. Imperial Ages allows the users to communicate with each other and they are solely responsible for the content. Racist, illegal, pornographic or insulting content is not tolerated and can lead to the deletion of the user’s account.

The same applies with any type of behaviour that is considered abusive by the game admins.

3. The game owners reserve the right to deny access or delete any users that violate the terms of use.

4. Scripts, third party software, bots or any other tools that automate any part of the game are strictly forbidden.

5. Imperial Ages assumes no liability for damages caused to users.

6. The membership can be cancelled at any time through the deletion of the account by the user or by a game administrator.

7. Cheating:

  1. Each user can have only one account on each server. Multi-accounts are prohibited.
  2. If different users create accounts from the same IP they must contact the game admins and let them know.
  3. Trading, attacks, raids, conquering villages are prohibited if the accounts involved are accessed from the same IP.
  4. The bugs found in the game need to be reported and may not be used by players.
  5. A user can send to another user only 5% of his daily production of iron, wood or stone. There is no limit when it comes to gold. Sending resources to people you share a computer or Internet connection with is forbidden.
  6. Don’t use someone else’s password  to login into their account. Only the owner is allowed to login into the account. If you want someone to help you manage the account, you can set them up as sitters from your profile options.