Server 2 Launch Date And Changes

Finally, we are ready to launch Server 2 in a few days, with all the changes done to it.

Server 2 will be launched Monday (September 15th) at 10:00 AM (GMT+2). We decided to skip the pre-registration period, since we’ll be ready to launch.

Only after you confirm the email address will your village be placed on the map, depending on the corner of the map you’ve chosen and the moment when you confirmed the account. You can find a more detailed explanation on how accounts are placed on the map here.

It will be a different experience from Server 1, as there are many changes to the stats and costs of troops and buildings, plus a higher density of players on the map. We tried to balance the troops as much as possible, and we hope we did a good job, giving each civilization strengths and weaknesses, giving civilizations that were supposed to be defensive their true place.

You will see higher defensive or offensive values in some places, as we tried to bring to a similar level the amount of offensive or defensive points a civilization can make in a 24 hour interval. The defensive civilizations will make more defensive points in 24 hours then an offensive one.

The new Server 2 Manual contains the new Excel files, with the changes brought by Server 2, for units, buildings and resources.

Server 2 changes:

  • better balance for military units (modified only the offensive/defensive units, with catapults, rams, spies, senators, settlers, archers remaining the same)
  • modified costs for resource mines, a bit higher for the low levels and lower for later levels.
  • modified costs for some buildings, including a decrease in stone needed for fortress/castle
  • modified upgrade costs for troops in Training Ground and Arena
  • modified influence points levels that allow you to create new villages. A bit slower in the beginning and faster as the account grows.
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  • Ephriam Grey

    Are we going to get a completed manual for server 2? And server 1, for that matter?

  • Ephriam, yes, I do need to get the manual finished. But it will take a bit.

  • Don

    ahhh! i cant wait till server 2’s up. =]
    hope all goes well.

  • rayz140

    Oh god, so excited server 2’s coming up, there is some problems though, will server 1’s players all move to server 2? Or it is our own choice? Will server 1 lack players if too many moved?

  • rayz140, you can play on both servers, or just on one of them. It’s up to each player.

  • 2BR02B

    Just to clarify, when you say “your village will be placed on the map,” do you mean (1) the village(s) you’ve developed on Server 1 will be transferred to Server 2, or (2) a single, new undeveloped village will be placed on Server 2 (i.e., you’ll be starting the game all over again)?

  • It’s an entirely new game, with no connection to Server 1. You start from scratch on Server 2 and you can continue to play with your current account on Server 1. So the second variant.

  • fixnstuf3

    why is there a trade restriction?

  • fixnstuf3, to prevent cheating (asking for 5-10 resources for 1 sold)

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