S2: Gunpowder Age Launched

As the title says, the Gunpowder Age has been launched on S2.

You can upgrade to the second age from the Gunpowder Age tab in the City Hall.


  • City Hall lvl 20
  • at least 2 villages
  • at least 600 population
  • 30,000 for each resource
  • plus 10% of the training costs of all the military units you currently own

Training prices and training time have gone up 20%

Attack, defence, special attack, capacity has gone up 30%

All units gained +1 in speed.

S2 will be closed for new registrations in a few days, and we’ll launch S3 at the beginning of next week. I’ll announce the exact date and hour of the launch in the next few days.


Posted by: on Jan 15th, 2009
In: Server 2
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  • So what is the main difference in Gunpowder age? Do we have access to advanced weaponry and buildings..?

  • Jawed, better military units.

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