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This is my to do list for the next period (my work is putting down on paper the game – everything in this list is writing for the game, no programming involved):

  1. the military units are finished but they’re spread across three excel files, so I need to make a single one and give it to the programmersfinished
  2. the player profile needs to be written on the computer (I have it written on paper right now)finished
  3. the oasis need to be finished
  4. the text and options for every single page so that Mars knows what to do for the design of the game (Ex: demolish option in the city hall, train in the barracks, bonus buildings, research, resources) – need to have on paper every single option in the game. They are made by the programmers, but we still need to decide what exact text and look they will have in the page.
  5. the demolish option (to get rid of buildings you no longer need)
  6. the influence points that decide when you can make a new village or steal one (settler and senator are done as far as I know, but the way the influence points accumulate I still have to do)
  7. the promotion plan for the official launch of the game
  8. the manual (in text and pdf format)
  9. the tutorial for new players (images + text)
  10. the storyline behind the game – I have a basic idea from where to start but I don’t plan on making it just two lines long.
  11. the in-game alliance forum – I talked about it in the previous post – must look around for something free that can be implemented easily and secure
  12. the in-game chat -also talked about it in the previous post – I have to look around and see if there is something already available to implement; otherwise we will have to delay thistalked with Raywall and Tony, and Tony can do it, so great news here
  13. some more defensive options for the players – not a priority right now, but if the offensive players have too much advantage then it will have to be implemented later i think we got this wrapped up; Mars had a brilliant idea so I think this is done
  14. the elephant under my bed – the Game Master system – this one will not be easy. You’d be amazed to what lengths people go to cheat the system. Need to take care of that.
  15. the guidelines for the game – what players can and can’t do (nudity in the players profile, threats and other stuff that’s not ok)
  16. last but not least :), get the programmers and the designer to write in this blog more often
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