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Well, I got a few things written off my list. I’ll keep updating the previous post as I finish parts of it. One of the worse fears of mine was that the defensive players will be a bit in a disadvantage, due to some special options that the offensive players have. Mars had a very nice idea the other day and I think we got this covered now. I can’t really talk about it :), but I think it will give the defensive players a nice way to support each other when they are under heavy attacks.

Talked with Raywall and Tony a bit yesterday about the chat system, and the good news is that Tony can do it, without too much hassle. So each alliance will have their own chatroom, that can be accessed from inside the game, in a browser window. Only the members of that alliance can join that chat-room, so it will be secure. It will have a limited number of lines though, and no archives. Also it will be possible to open new chat-rooms and talk with other players in the game, also in a browser window or tab. All this as long as the player is logged in the game.

About the forums, they’re still a problem. When we’re closer to the official launch of the game we’ll have to implement some open source forum, done in ASP or ASP.NET, and using MSSQL. It also has to be able to work with our existing database of players, so that the internal forum is available only to those from inside an alliance. So not that many forums to choose from probably. We’ll see when we get there.

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  • Scottypup

    I don’t suppose there is any way at this late date to get in on the Alpha or Beta tests are there?

    I happened across your game blog and it appears to be a good idea dn an improvement on a couple of games I currently play, Travian and TribalWars.

    If you are needing testers I would love to be involved in that aspect.


  • The alpha test is still couple of weeks away:). If you follow this blog, I will announce here when the alpha will begin and the link for the testers.

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