Game planning 9/03/2007

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What I did today on paper:

  • finished the costs, atack and defense values for the second half of the military units, research and building dependencies for those units to be built
  • finished the concepts behind the rams, catapults, the units that found villages, the units that steal villages and the leader unit.

All in all 5 pages of text and 3 excel sheets written in around 6 hours of work. Worked a bit more on the battle system also. Hopefully I’ll stay with Mars tomorrow and finish it. On Sunday we’re going to the city where the programmers live for a few hours of drinking and explaining the battle system to them.

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  • Nice idea with this blog.
    When we will see some posts from programmers and Mars?

  • When I manage to convince them to do it :). They agreed to write on their work, just didn’t get around to do it yet.

  • markedisonchua

    Have your ideas some of it… From civilization 4…

    Some military units need to evolve…


    From ancient times to modern times…?

    Medieval ages – Medieval ages…?
    >> Javans – Skirmisher – Pike Thrower something…

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