Game planning 11/03/2007

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Well, I just arrived home from the city where Raywall and Tony live. I met them with Mars, explained the battle system and a couple of other things that they didn’t know how it should happen. The 8 pages of text that described the battle system for Imperial Ages isn’t as hard to implement as I initially thought, so that’s excellent news. All in all a very good day for us, and it would’ve been superb if the spicy pizza that I’ve been promised would’ve been as I expected :(.

Now, what we’re planning to have ready for the alpha test in one month:

  • resources and the bonus buildings for them
  • most of the normal buildings (those that will exist in the first age)
  • research and training of military units
  • battles
  • resource trading between players
  • the map
  • most of the graphics should present a look for the game close to that from the official launch date
  • military bonuses applied in battles

So in the next few days Raywall will work on the more special units in the game and probably the battle system, Tony will continue to work on the alliances (I think the invite system for players is done but not sure), Mars will start working on the look of the game and Alex (me) will finish the few buildings that aren’t done yet on paper.

As for the blog, I added a form to subscribe to the posts of this blog by email if RSS isn’t your thing :).

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    keep up the good work

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