Game development status 8/03/2007

Alex /

What is currently done:

  • most of the buildings in the game
  • half of the units are in place (those that fight): units like the general, rams, catapults, spies and two other are written down but not implemented yet
  • the resources
  • the map of the game
  • military bonuses
  • graphics for most of the military units of the first age
  • part of the alliance system
  • in-game messaging
  • trade system is working

What we’re currently working on:

Alex: writing in this blog (:P), finishing touches on the more specialized units in the game and tackling the problem of the battles with Mars

Mars: the battle system and the graphical part of the game. Currently on military units but we all hope he’s gonna make an effort and begin work on the other part of the game graphics, so we can finally see something pretty on our screens

Raywall: military bonuses for the units

Tony: invite system for the alliances

About the part that I’m more familiar with these days, the battle system, I can tell you this. Me and Mars are going crazy trying to figure out a system that makes for a fair battle result. The problem is that there are two types of defense for each unit: cavalry defense and infantry defense. The way we have to implement this needs to bring a battle result that anyone can say its fair. Well, thats not gonna happen, but we are working on some basic principles:

  1. both sides need a fairly balanced army (infantry, cavalry and archers). If they don’t, their chances of winning a battle are diminished even if they seem to have a larger force.
  2. the winner of the battle needs to loose troops based on how much more troops they have then the losing side. Example: if an army of 50,000 atack a 20,000 army, they might lose 15,000 soldiers (just an example); now if an army of 500,000 atack that 20,000 army they would have to loose not just 10 ten times less then in the first case or the same number. They would have to lose 20 times less (again, just an example) because the battle is much more unbalanced.
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  • markedisonchua

    Create some battle pan interface…
    I mean that they will fight not in flat battle…

  • markedisonchua

    upgrading the upgrade what does it mean?

  • samuel

    I wonder if you could put a limit on raids because I am on only for an hour and I am being raided constantly. My computer is down for now and I do not know when I can get back online. I am targeted by others that have more then one village as well and alliance that have already been formed. I only go after one that are not in alliance but my troops where wiped out. with these raids I can not get more troops to defend myself. I do not see the point in these games if stronger players pick on weaker players and not give a chance to challadge others.

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