The "Slaves" Are Working … Yupeee (notice the "" before you cut my throat guys)

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And now, just to be on the safe side and to make sure Raywall and Mars don’t strangle me, two of the four most valuable members of our team are on vacation, and working on the game.

Mars is on a 1 week vacation, with 1 extra week when we launch the game. Raywall is on a 2 week vacation and no idea if he’ll manage to get 1 more for the official launch.

What we’re working on:

– me (Alex) – so far this week, I did the look for the Alliance, Statistics and Messages pages, together with the secondary tabs that belong to them. Mars will translate the design I made in Excel into actual html pages for Raywall and Tony to make into ASP. Uff. What’s next for me: report pages, user profile, alliance admin area, and more.

– Mars – finished the html versions of the buildings that are in the game. Tomorrow he will probably translate to html the pages I did in Excel so far. Also, the buildings of the game are all on his shoulders. No pressure…

– Raywall is working on the final touches of the battle system right now, and he’s not very happy about it. Tough! What can I say :D. No idea on what he’ll be working on after he finishes the battle system. I don’t have the guts to ask him either. He’s pretty grumpy and barely containing his enthusiasm on working on something else after he finishes this.

– Tony, well no idea. He’s doing remote connecting at work, or something like that, and having lag on Yahoo Messenger, so it’s a pain in the ass to talk to him (because of the lag). As far as I know he’s working on the html pages that Mars made, that will be translated into ASP in the next few weeks. I’ll try getting more info in the days to come.

All this being said, from what I talked with Raywall today, he’s more inclined to call the public version of the game an alpha, rather then a beta version. Just to make sure people understand that when we go public, it will be the first time we see the game in action with a large number of players. That means some bugs in the game that we didn’t find in our internal testing and a lot of features missing. They will all be in the game in the first 2-3 months though (Raywall said so :D … sort off).

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