Good news in the graphics department


Well, the graphics of the game are almost finished. In the past 3 weeks I had to modify a certain template to match our own needs for space and look. Although it was a really nice template, it was more suitable for a flash page than for a strategy game. I had to make the look simpler and a bit brighter and at the same time I needed a lot of space which I didn’t have in the original design.

Now, i`m pleased with the look and the space we have and I’m continuing to work on finishing all the pages(alliance, market, etc) so that the programmers will know exactly what to do. This week i`ll probably finish the general look and starting next week i`ll do the hardest thing – the village. A good thing will be the fact that i have the next week free, so i`ll be able to put all my effort into the game. That`s a plus. I`m not sure if i`ll be able to finish all the work but at least i`ll be a few steps closer.

More info soon.

Posted by: on Aug 1st, 2007
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  • Dreamweaver

    What brought me here was a series of random Google Searches, but I’m glad they worked out how they did!

    This looks like a fun game, I’ll be checking back once a week or so to see if there’s been any progress ^_^

    Oh yeah, it was a search of ‘Travian’ that brought me here. I clicked on a review by some guy, and you had posted a comment, which I clicked on the bottom of to bring me here =P


  • Hi DW. Thanks for the interest :)
    If you want, you can subscribe to the blog by RSS or Email. You only get updates when the blog is updated, so you don’t have to check in manually.

  • b

    I came here the same way, and I would classify myself as a casual gamer. Your graphics look really cluttered and, well, ugly. Have you considered toning it WAY down so that you can set yourself above the myriad of other similar games that look horrible to casual gamers? Gameplay is where it’s at.

  • Dreamweaver

    I did that just a few minutes after posting that, I would’ve edited that in if there was an edit button -_- lol


  • B, I agree that it’s not the best looking graphics right now, and you might be right about the clutter. As I said before, we’ll pay a professional to do the graphics when we have the money.
    As for the clutter, our aim was to give the player everything above the fold. Based on my own experience in browser games, I apreciate having data like production, capacity, troops, at my disposal at all times, without having to navigate to a certain page every time I need that information.
    To be honest, telling Mars right now to rethink and change the game template again would most likely get me killed, and the game postponed for another month. So we’ll go with what we got right now :).
    Thanks for the input. It’s appreciated :).

  • Cristian

    I think it looks ok, and hey, if it doesn’t, u can change it later on…the concept is what makes the difference (for me, at least). I’m really looking forward to seeing this.good luck

  • The graphics looks good for me, although it could look much much better. For now, it will be fine since I have other things to worry about, one of them being the resource page wich needs to be done. Thanks for the input.

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