The players that helped us test the game complained that the game header is too big and they have to scroll the page down every time they take an action. So I’ve made the header zone smaller(about 130 px smaller) so now you have to scroll down just in a few situations, and only if […]

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Some updates on the game: The graphic is 95% complete. This means that we have all the buildings necessary for the game, the resource map, walls, troops icons, buttons(most of them), etc. The village zone was a bit difficult to design and implement and most of the delays came from here. The guy we hired […]

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Well, the graphics of the game are almost finished. In the past 3 weeks I had to modify a certain template to match our own needs for space and look. Although it was a really nice template, it was more suitable for a flash page than for a strategy game. I had to make the […]


Mars / Yesterday i went on a short visit to Raywall. Unfortunately Tony was not in town, so i couldn’t speak with him too. Our main point of discussion was the bugs, erm features, in the game. We analyzed almost every aspect of the game and realized that we have some interesting bugs like merchants […]

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Mars / After a long period of time,due to different factors, I`ve managed to complete an alpha version of the graphics. It`s not much and definitely its not what I`ve imagined it would be, but at least we can understand what`s happening in the game and mostly if the game is working as it should. […]

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Mars / Well, for the past 2 weeks I`ve been working on the graphics (including CSS). Unfortunately it`s still far from completion, and i hardly have time for anything else(like playing C&C 3 ). A small preview on how the game looks now can be seen in the picture below. It`s still a rough graphic […]


Mars / Ok, I`ve started working on the graphics. Until now, all the 5 basic units for every race are complete. There are 7 more to go. The bad part is that now i need to work mostly on the interface, because the programers keep complaining that they don’t understand much about what`s happening in […]

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