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Yesterday i went on a short visit to Raywall. Unfortunately Tony was not in town, so i couldn’t speak with him too. Our main point of discussion was the bugs, erm features, in the game. We analyzed almost every aspect of the game and realized that we have some interesting bugs like merchants who suddenly disappear in thin air instead of returning home, buildings that are demolished but the upgrades or the resource bonus remain there and so on. Raywall`s biggest concern is the demolishion of a building. Another issue is the periodic database backup, but he said this is quite easy to implement. He`s quite optimistic and says that in 1 month they will be able to fix all the known bugs and that we`ll probably have a launch in August(if all works well).

My biggest concern is the security. On this closed alpha we got some new and interesting viruses which basically brought our server to 100% CPU load. Yeah, it`s a windows server and although it is a windows 2003 server enterprise edition it can still  get new viruses and trojans. The tests for this week will be mostly security related, since i need to know exactly how a few things works in order to be able to implement the right polices in the firewall.

This i will do mostly from work when i have a few minutes free. After work i`ll probably be at Alex`s home finishing the manual of the game for the programmers.

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