A few steps and we`re done

Some updates on the game:

The graphic is 95% complete. This means that we have all the buildings necessary for the game, the resource map, walls, troops icons, buttons(most of them), etc.
The village zone was a bit difficult to design and implement and most of the delays came from here. The guy we hired to design the resource zone had a few headaches until he managed to create the zones just as I wanted. Basically the resource page delayed us almost 2 weeks. Another week and a half was needed to design all the buildings necessary in the game. Again, the designer had a hard time pleasing me but in the end the buildings came out looking really nice.

Most of the pages of the game are complete and only need a few modifications like colors, alignments, font size, grammatical errors, mostly minor changes. We still need to implement some ideas and some features of the game, the most important one being the VIP feature. The forum needs a few modifications as well. I managed to complete the forum theme so that both the game and the forum have similar colors. There are a few images to create like a few buttons and icons but again nothing spectacular or time consuming.

The alliance is far from over and this complicates the things a little bit. It should be done by the time we officially launch the game but our main concern is that we won`t have enough time to test it. There are a lot of small things that needs to be done in the next weeks, but at least now we have a version for testing purposes. YES, for the past 2 days we’ve been testing a version of the game to see if the most important things in the game(trades, attacks, resources gathering) are working as they should. This means that in a few days ( the date depends on many factors like the number of really annoying bugs we find), we`ll launch the official alpha test.

We are happy to see that after months of work we finally have something that looks like a game and not like a bad joke. The next blog update will probably be with the announcement of the launch date.

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  • Fromzon

    i can’t wait !!

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