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After a long period of time,due to different factors, I`ve managed to complete an alpha version of the graphics. It`s not much and definitely its not what I`ve imagined it would be, but at least we can understand what`s happening in the game and mostly if the game is working as it should. Now, the programmers are working to implement the graphics into the main game, so in max 2 weeks we`ll have a closed alpha test of the game. It will take this long, basically because the programers didn`t saw, until now, a lot of small options which need to be implemented ( countdown timers, auto-refresh, etc). I didn`t start working on the statistics page, or the alliance page, and I won`t until we are sure that the game is working at least in an acceptable way. Our biggest concern is that the game will be totally unbalanced, or that the main things won`t work as they should. We have some reserves on the battle system, which should be pretty realistic and fair but we still need to test it and see if it works as it should be. Another big thing is the general work of the game, automatic gathering of resources, raids, etc.

For now, the programmers will do they work, i`ll continue improving the graphics and Alex is still thinking on some new ideas. YES, every time we finish implementing an idea a brand new one just pops up from nowhere. Some of them are really nice, some are acceptable and some are impossible to implement, but we are trying to have a game oriented on user experience, and for this reason a lot of new ideas are implemented every month.

More news in a short time.

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