Internal testing to be launched in the next 24 hours

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We’ll probably launch an internal testing round in the next 24 hours, mainly to take out the bugs. Some sort of pre-alpha if you will :).

It’s the first time we actually get to play the game, albeit unfinished, so I’m sure there will be a lot of bugs. As soon as we sort them out, we’ll release the alpha (hopefully in 2-3 weeks) to find the bugs that are harder to find.

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  • IrezuVasile

    I’m in
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    I’m in I’m in I’m in


  • I know, I know, I know :P
    I’ll contact you.

  • In this very moment a version of windows 2003 Server Enteprise Edition is being instaled on a computer working as a server. The computers is Alex`s, the OS is mine, the work is made by all.

    After this, Raywall and Tony will do their magic, installing the game. I did mine, instaling Windows and configuring the DNS so that we can access the server from the far far away land.

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