The graphics are starting to annoy me


For those that don’t know, we’re a team of 4 working in our spare time on this game. None of us is a true designer, and after 6 weeks where we couldn’t get the graphics done with the designers we contacted, we decided to buy a template to modify ourselves, according to our needs, because this delayed us quite a bit. That was done, we bought this template. The reason we bought it was mainly the  freakin knight from the top, that we loved. Just woke up and found a comment together with a link pointing to the original source that the original designer used. Yeah, he stole an image from Guildwars and used it on the template that we bought in the end.

Needles to say, we’ll take that knight out of our template, but this pisses me off as hell, because he was the main reason we bought the template in the first place. We’ll need to buy an image from iStockPhoto, or whatever its name is, and modify it for our design. The open alpha test would’ve been launched by now if the graphics were done on time.

As for the comment that let us know, I’d just like to point out that design has nothing to do with how the game works. As I said, none of us knows graphics well enough. We’ll take out that knight because it’s only normal we do that, but we’ll continue to use the rest of the template. When we’ll afford a very good designer we’ll change the look of the game.

The good part, at least we found out about the knight image now, while we’re still working on modifying the template for what we need.

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