The Gunpowder Age Is Here

Hey there.

Just wanted to let you know that the second age of Imperial Ages has been introduced to the game.

It comes with an upgrade to most of the troops that are in the game, and some of them get new names as well. A bit later in the second age you will also get at least one new building, which will dramatically increase the capacity of your merchants, making it easier to supply your villages.

You can upgrade to Gunpowder Age in a lvl 20 City Hall, in the Gunpowder Age tab.

Requirements for the second age:

  • City Hall lvl 20 (in the lvl 20 City Hall you can make the upgrade to the second age)
  • 2 Villages
  • Population 600 minimum total for your account
  • 30,000 Gold, 30,000 Iron, 30,000 Wood, 30,000 Stone
  • 10% of the cost of all troops you have in your villages.

The resources for the upgrade are taken in an equal percentage from all villages that belong to your account.

So, if you need 200,000 resources for the upgrade, and you have 250,000 total in all your villages, 80% of the resources in each village will be taken for the upgrade.

Prices of all troops, capacity and special attack values are increased by 20%.
Attack and defense values are increased by at least 20%, in most cases by more (20-40%).

Troop speed was increased by 1 for all troops from the second age.

Enjoy! And let us know if there are any problems!

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