Results Of The May 18th Meeting

As I’ve mentioned on the game forums, we had a meeting last Sunday and with great results. We managed to come to a conclusion regarding some difficult problems from the game and a series of improvements to be added to the VIP system, especially in the statistics department.

What we decided:

Raid – the raid will remain in the game, but we will change the way it functions, bringing it closer to the normal battle system. It will function the same as a normal attack for the most part, but we will cut in half the number of casualties, so the most you can lose in a raid is half the troops you send. The attacker will be able to steal resources only if he wins the raid.

Beginner Protection – besides the normal 7 day period of total protection, we will implement a system that protects beginners from being attacked by people more than twice their size. This type of protection will function as long as the user has a score smaller than 100 or less than 30 days since he started.

Hitpoints increase for buildings – we decided to increase the number of hitpoints for buildings and differentiate between them. Economic buildings will likely see double/triple number of hitpoints depending on the building, military buildings will see the hitpoints triple, and the fortress (that marks the capital) will probably see an even higher increase.

The increase in hitpoints for buildings is caused by a number of things: low cost of special attack upgrades that are too late to be changed for this server; high rate of development and the relatively low cost of catapults compared with the resource production potential of the game.

Modifications to how reinforcements are displayed in the camping ground.

Right now, if you send 10 reinforcements from the same village, it will make 10 different tables in the camping ground, creating a longer list that is not necessary. We decided to group all reinforcements coming from the same village in a single table.

Another modification in this area is the possibility to send back or withdraw only certain troops that are sent as reinforcements, or only a certain number. Right now you can only send back or withdraw all troops that were sent. So if someone will send you troops that you don’t need as reinforcements, you will be able to send them back while keeping the troops you need.

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