Deleted Inactive Players And How We’ll Handle It In The Future

Raywall just completed the deletion of all inactive players that haven’t logged in for at least 2 months and had a score lower than 5.

For those worried that this isn’t unfair for the new users, it should not be the case. Inactive players older than 2 months were from older regions, where there are strong players. New users still have inactive accounts in their area.

How we’re going to handle inactive accounts in the future

When Raywall has some time to make this, players that did not log in for 4 weeks will receive an email, telling them that their accounts will be marked as inactive two weeks later.

If he still doesn’t log in, 6 weeks after the last login his account will be marked as inactive and one of two things will happen:

Case 1: small accounts will be deleted directly (score lower than 50 maybe)

Case 2: bigger accounts will be marked as inactive, all their troops will be killed, castle/fortress destroyed, loyalty will drop to 1% in all villages and the first senator attack on them will win the village. This is also the case for capital cities. Inactive accounts where cities can be taken easily, will be marked with a special color on the map.

In Case 2, inactive villages will stay on the map for 2 weeks. If they’re not taken in that period of time, they will be deleted from the game.

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