The Speed Server will start on July 6th at 23:00 (11:00 PM server time – 08:00 PM GMT time) . From now until July 6th the pre registration period is open, allowing you to register your username and activate it. You will not be able to log in until the server starts.

The address of the speed server is

The speed is 8x on the server, meaning that everything happens 8 times faster than on a regular server.

The sitter function has been deactivated for the speed server, as a test. I will remind you that sharing passwords is forbidden, and punishments on the speed server will be more severe than on the regular servers.

The server will last ~1 month.


After 14 months since we first started the beta server, it’s time to close down Server 1. A huge thank you to everyone who was with us since the beginning and helped us get rid of the unavoidable initial bugs and to improve the game.

The winner of S1 is player van peder, which belongs to the ELITE-100 alliance, with 46 villages and a total score of 68,168.

The highest ranked alliance at the end of S1 is Browncoats, with a total score of 630,361 (an average of 8,404 per each of the 75 members). Congratulations to cicatryx, the Browncoats leader.

Other stats:
Most offensive player: kysupercat (score 1,190,448)
Most defensive player: dman (score 768,774)
Most offensive alliance: Browncoats (score 5,195,404)
Most defensive alliance: Browncoats (score 4,888,066)

Congrats to everyone that played on S1 and thanks to everyone that supported us.

The speed server will begin in one week probably, taking one month at 8x speed. S1 will be restarted when the speed server is closed.

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In around 3 weeks, when S1 closes, we will start a speed round, our first one. It will last around 1 month and it will allow us to finish the graphics for the S1 restart.

What we’re looking at right now for the speed round:

  • 6-8 times faster than a normal server (resources gathering, troop movement, merchant speed and so on). Everything will be faster. Haven’t decided yet if it’s going to be 6 or 8 times faster.
  • no sitters allowed
  • resource trading between same IP accounts will be blocked automatically. If you log in with someone else’s password, you will no longer be able to trade resources with him.
  • because the speed will be faster, we will also delete accounts that cheat faster. You might not get a second chance if you break the rules, so I’d try to play nice.

The speed round will start in the second part of May and there will be a one week period for pre-registrations. More news to follow.

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As of now, Server 3 is open for new registrations.

There are no changes compared to S2 in troops or buildings stats or costs.

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Server 3 will be launched on January 19th, at 13:00 server time (11:00 AM GMT). As of now registrations on S2 are closed.

If there are any bloggers playing the game, we’re offering 3 months of free VIP for anyone that announces the start of Server 3 on their blog. I’m talking about established blogs (at least one month old, either with their own domain or hosted on wordpress or blogspot). Sorry, but no Yahoo360, Facebook, MySpace or other social network blogs. If anyone is interested, you can email me at once you post about the game.

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As the title says, the Gunpowder Age has been launched on S2.

You can upgrade to the second age from the Gunpowder Age tab in the City Hall.


  • City Hall lvl 20
  • at least 2 villages
  • at least 600 population
  • 30,000 for each resource
  • plus 10% of the training costs of all the military units you currently own

Training prices and training time have gone up 20%

Attack, defence, special attack, capacity has gone up 30%

All units gained +1 in speed.

S2 will be closed for new registrations in a few days, and we’ll launch S3 at the beginning of next week. I’ll announce the exact date and hour of the launch in the next few days.



On behalf of the Imperial Ages team, we wish you happy holidays and lots of fun during the Christmas/Hanukah/New Year’s Eve.

You’ll probably see a smaller amount of activity on our part, and it might take us a longer time to reply to your messages in the next 10 days or so. We hope you understand.

Once again, happy holidays and see you next year!

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The new manual is finally (almost) ready, and you can find it at

I’m still giving it the final touches and the VIP section isn’t finished, but it should be much more useful than the old version was.

The manual is split into 6 sections:

Manual – you can find here unit stats, buildings, resources, a description of some of the main in-game pages and the building tree. Unit and building stats are those from Server 2.

Tutorials – a few tutorials on various parts of the game, including tips on defending or attacking or what strategy to adopt if you’re a beginner.

How To’s – shorter visual tutorials, explaining how to do a number of things, like making your first building, upgrading resources, training the first soldier, conquering a city and so on.

FAQ – the answer to a few questions you might have. Will be completed as I get more questions from players.

Misc – a number of game concepts explained. How village loyalty works, a short (and vague) explanation of how the battle functions, plus the defensive bonuses given by buildings, for each civilization.

VIP – this section is still incomplete, but it will explain in detail every feature given by the VIP package.

Any questions, suggestions or observations on the new manual can be made at this email address:

Once again, the address of the new manual is

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Curious what we’re working on? We created the quick updates blog to keep you in the loop about what we’re doing for the game. You will see updates from Alex and Mars there, mostly about general work on the game and about game graphics.

Right now you’ll be seeing plenty of posts about what we’re doing to the new manual and about our preparations for the third age on S1, plus some info on the new game interface that we’re working on.

Why another blog? Well, the main blog is used for major announcements mostly, and we can’t really update it every time we work on something new that isn’t implemented yet. The Quick Updates blog will allow us to update you on what’s going on.

You can find it here:

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To make the change required by daylight savings time, the server will be stopped for 1 hour on Sunday, October 26th, between 23:00 and 00:00 Server Time. When it starts again hour 00:00 will become 23:00.

The code will also be updated, fixing a few bugs from the game.

The server downtime will affect both servers.

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