End of Server 1

After 14 months since we first started the beta server, it’s time to close down Server 1. A huge thank you to everyone who was with us since the beginning and helped us get rid of the unavoidable initial bugs and to improve the game.

The winner of S1 is player van peder, which belongs to the ELITE-100 alliance, with 46 villages and a total score of 68,168.

The highest ranked alliance at the end of S1 is Browncoats, with a total score of 630,361 (an average of 8,404 per each of the 75 members). Congratulations to cicatryx, the Browncoats leader.

Other stats:
Most offensive player: kysupercat (score 1,190,448)
Most defensive player: dman (score 768,774)
Most offensive alliance: Browncoats (score 5,195,404)
Most defensive alliance: Browncoats (score 4,888,066)

Congrats to everyone that played on S1 and thanks to everyone that supported us.

The speed server will begin in one week probably, taking one month at 8x speed. S1 will be restarted when the speed server is closed.

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