The New Manual

The new manual is finally (almost) ready, and you can find it at

I’m still giving it the final touches and the VIP section isn’t finished, but it should be much more useful than the old version was.

The manual is split into 6 sections:

Manual – you can find here unit stats, buildings, resources, a description of some of the main in-game pages and the building tree. Unit and building stats are those from Server 2.

Tutorials – a few tutorials on various parts of the game, including tips on defending or attacking or what strategy to adopt if you’re a beginner.

How To’s – shorter visual tutorials, explaining how to do a number of things, like making your first building, upgrading resources, training the first soldier, conquering a city and so on.

FAQ – the answer to a few questions you might have. Will be completed as I get more questions from players.

Misc – a number of game concepts explained. How village loyalty works, a short (and vague) explanation of how the battle functions, plus the defensive bonuses given by buildings, for each civilization.

VIP – this section is still incomplete, but it will explain in detail every feature given by the VIP package.

Any questions, suggestions or observations on the new manual can be made at this email address:

Once again, the address of the new manual is

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