Imperial Ages Closes on August 6th

After almost 3 years since we launched the first version of the game and 4 years after we started working on it, unfortunately the time has come to close down Imperial Ages. On August 6th, Friday, at 10 PM, both servers that are still running (S2 & S3) will be closed permanently.

It started as an ambition to create a game that remedied many of the problems we saw with browser games at the time, including the fact that in our game no player would have an advantage over another by paying for it, as many other games do. Unfortunately, the game no longer makes enough money to support the costs of the dedicated server. As a result we chose to close the game now, while we still have sufficient money to offer a refund to people that bought VIP during the past year and still have unused months. Once the servers are closed, if you still have paid VIP which is unused, you can email us with the details we’ll specify at that time and we will refund you for the period which wasn’t used.

We’d like to thank everyone that tried our game and invested time and passion in it and we apologize for offering so little notice before we close it.

We have no plans right now to re-open the game in the future. Though we discussed the possibility, it would require considerable funds and much more free time to invest in the game on a daily basis than we were able to until now.

The Imperial Ages Team

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  • Ashish


    Really a bad news that IA will be closed soon.
    if u guys have monetary problem then we can’t help because that just depends on no. of users with VIP account but if u have time issue then u can just run 1 server(the first thing that came to my mind) or just run speed server with less speed say 3x. This will reduce the extra time u have to devote for the maintenance of server.
    *Please think about that.

  • machine

    really wish the game could stick around can truely say i loved this game… i am wondering if its possible for everyone who wants to keep it open to make a donation to keep it running? if everyones willing to do that maybe we could last another year or so and advertise the game more (: ….

    well thanks for createing the game love it ! (:

  • I really wish Imperial Ages would re-open.

  • Ian

    Hi Alex,

    I just stumbled upon your game and am honestly impressed by the amount of work done on it plus the fact that game seems balanced or at least when reading about it.

    Can we discuss this amount of money that you will need to keep the game running? While not rich, I been an online gamer for more than 10 years and would love to see games that are worth it keep on going.

    If you do not mind, contact me at my email address provided above for a discussion?

    Thank you,

  • wow is was a said thing, i use to play in server 1. now it has to close. i use before the vip and i love this game much. Is sad thing. i was busy for the past 1 year. sad thing it had to be closed down.

  • Gam

    Its closing?! i haven’t even tried the game,i heard it was good,but now its too late :(

  • Yeah I just found this game and it looked cool. Now I cant play a cool game :( sorry to hear about the difficulties. I hope y’all can fix up out the problems and figure something out.

  • This game closed because of all the cheaters and douchbags taking advantage of the obvious security flaws in tyis game…dont be sad…be glad you didnt have to go through all the bull alot of us had to go through and mental anguish of the typical cheating that goes on in Travian and other bot, script users.

  • Maybe you can sell the website with all the game contents ? And someone else copuld do the job :)

  • too bad to hear!

    PLEASE RE-OPEN!! :”(

  • laurentiu21

    nam nimic de zis

  • Touhidul Islam

    I didn’t play this game, but I have played many other similar games and am 100% sure that this game would have been awesome. I really wanted to try it out. If you don’t have enough time then you can probably recruit more people in the IA Team. If you have financial problems you can increase the cost of VIP package or get more sponsors or show advertises in the game. As you can well see, everyone wants the game to re-open. Please don’t turn us all back like that.

  • wow. sad to see. i was reading abot this, and saw some details. it looked great, as i was looking for something faster paced. sad to see it closed before i had the chance

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