S3 Restart Date – the end of Beta

S3 restart

After 14 months since it’s start, it’s time to close down Server 3.

The winner of S3 is player fitsi, which belongs to the BC + GNG alliance, with 51villages and a total score of 84804.

The highest ranked alliance at the end of S3 is Outlanders , with a total score of 808563 (an average of 24501 per each of the 33 members). Congratulations to Border , the Outlanders leader.

Other stats:
Most offensive player: Hamada (score 2297211)
Most defensive player: Vlad (score 1837232)
Most offensive alliance: Outlanders (score 9376781)
Most defensive alliance: BC + GNG (score 8884679)

Congrats to everyone that played on S3 and thanks to everyone that supported us.

The server will be restarted in 1 week on April 28, 10:00 AM GMT +2.

Also with the restart of S3 the beta comes to an end. The Game end is done and will be available in S3.

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  • ashish

    Please start the speed server once again.
    That was a great experience.

    like me many people are there who could not continue playing even 4 months, so if there’s speed then we can enjoy the game till end.

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