Imperial Ages Is Officially Launched

Yes, the moment we’ve been waiting for the last 18 months is finally here. Imperial Ages is launched and can be played at

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logo-13.thumbnailWhat is Imperial Ages all about?

It’s a free strategy browser game, set in the medieval ages, that allows you to build an empire, train armies, wage war or trade resources with other players.

You start with one small village, and gradually you grow it to the empire status, either by building it up peacefully, or through wars of conquest. Every 4 months or so, you’re able to get your civilization to the next age, which means that most of the troops are upgraded to new ones, you get new buildings and new features that allow you to better manage your empire and give you new options in war.

3 Ages, 4 civilizations, 120 military units, A Quest For Glory.

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Some screenshots can be seen here.

What should you do in these first few days? Probably get your resource production up and prepare for the end of the protection period (7 days from the date you started on).

And a few words about the 4 civilizations, so you know which one you should pick:

Papal State – powerful units, but expensive. Good wall protection. Offensive civilization.

Hanseatic League – powerful units, but expensive. Good wall protection. Defensive civilization.

Mongols – weaker units, but cheap. Offensive civilization.

Valachia – weaker units, but cheap. Defensive civilization.

One final word here. Please tell your friends about the game. The more players we get from the beginning, the better the experience will be from the start.

You can follow the latest news on the blog, or you can ask for help or information in the forums.

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