Getting Started – Short Tutorial

In the beginning you start off with just one building, the City Hall, which is the centre of your village. The first 7 days since you register, your village is protected against attacks from other players, as long as you also don’t attack anyone. You can use this first week to learn how to play the game and expand your village, based on the strategy that you want to try once you get out of protection: offensive or defensive.

For both strategies, the first 4-5 days should be centred around building up your resource fields (Wood, Iron, Stone, Gold). Keep in mind that buildings consume gold and the same goes for military units, so make sure you don’t run out, and you have enough to make new buildings.

If you need extra storage space, build a Warehouse (for Wood, Iron and Stone) and a Treasury (for Gold).

Offensive Players

A few days before the protection period expires, build a barracks and a few soldiers, depending on the resources that you have at your disposal.

Once you’re out of protection, check the map for neighbours that can be attacked, click on their village, select Send Troops from the next screen, and choose the troops that you want to send. You should select the Raid option if you want to take their resources, because in most cases you will not lose all your troops if there is a battle.

Use the gained resources to build more soldiers, while continuing to do raids.

Once you have a number of soldiers that you’re comfortable with, you can either stop training them and switch to resources and buildings with the resources they bring, or you can try to build new troop types.

Defensive Players

One or two days before the end of the protection period, you can build one or more Dungeons. Dungeons hide your resources from enemy raids, but they can only hold a limited number of resources each. If you’re able to protect all your resources, you can safely build up your resources fields and buildings, without needing any soldiers to protect your village.

However, this is true only in the beginning, as the apparition of catapults and the fact that Dungeons can’t keep up with your production, mean that you have to consider raising an army to protect yourself after the first few weeks.

The defensive strategy works best for players that don’t have as much time to spend on the game, while also allowing them to boost their production to a point where making an army is easier.