Launch Delayed A Bit

Hi guys. Unfortunately we got a bit of a problem with one of the options players will have at registration, in which corner of the map they will be able to register. It wasn’t in the Alpha, so it wasn’t tested. Right now, we’re looking at a day of tests and fixing tomorrow, and the official launch on Wednesday (hopefully). I’ll post again tomorrow and let you know more precisely.

Sorry for the delay again, Raywall is doing everything he can to make sure the game will go as smoothly as possible once we launch.

Posted by: on Mar 24th, 2008
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  • jenokellner

    Hi guys,

    How is it possible to sign up for the game?

    Thank you in advance for helping me !

    Best regards : Jeno

  • Hi Jeno.

    You will be able to sign-up for the game when we launch it :). We hope tomorrow. I’ll make the announcement tonight on this blog.

  • dbrsundragon

    Hey we can wait, you guys do your thing it would be better to wait for that option then not have it. :)

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