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We’ve decided to go the payed route for the graphical interface to make sure we have something of quality. Though Mars knows a thing or two in Photoshop, he’s not perfect in this department. We realized that we need to make an investment here and pay someone to do the graphics for the game with as much detail as possible.

Hopefully it will be something truly remarkable. The units will still be made by Mars, but the general look of the site will be done by someone that makes a living from graphics.

I for one am really excited about the future look of the game. We already have an idea on the level of detail that we want from the game, and if the designer will be able to do what we want, then it will be the kind of look that makes users want to subscribe even before they know what the game is about. Then again, if it doesn’t come out looking ok, the previous statement might come and bight me in the ass. Time will tell :).

Posted by: on Jun 2nd, 2007
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  • Totte

    This will be great!! :D Could you show a test pic of the game when the final graphic is ready?

  • Hi Totte. When the graphics are done the game will be 1 week away from the opened testing round, so anyone will be able to see it.

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