S2 and graphic news

S2 will be restarted in December(probably on 1 December), the exact date will be announced later and we`re working on implementing the new graphic pack. Probably by the end of the year will be ready and everyone will see it in action.

  • ss death gaurd

    yeah a new server! cant wait hopefully it can be on a weekend with ym time zone so it does not start in the middle of a school week at 3 in the morning haah just my luck :P

  • Speedserverenthusiast

    When is the speed server gonna start again?

  • It will take some time until we`ll start a new speed server. There are a few major changes that need to be done before that.

  • Speedserverenthusiast

    Ok cool, I just wanted to know that the speed server would be starting again. Thanks.

  • Rigz

    w0w speedserver!! i like it

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