Moving The Game To The New Server In A Few Hours

update: the move is delayed until Sunday

2-3 hours from now, we will be moving the game to the new server. It will probably be down for around half an hour. Raywall and Tony are configuring the new server now, and when they’re done they’re going to move the database to the new location. During that period the game will be down.

You might be automatically redirected to an ip address instead of the .net address that you’re used to for the next few days, as the DNS updates, but you’ll still be able to play the game normally. The final address of the server will be , the url we wanted since the beginning for the first server. will keep redirecting to the new url, for those that are used to the old address.

And for those interested:

Old server:

  • Processor: Athlon XP 1700+,
  • 512MB SDRAM
  • 30 GB HDD

This little guy served over 1 million page views in the last 6 weeks, but it’s time to move on, especially as the HDD is starting to fail.

New server:

  • Processor: Dual Core Xeon 3060 – 2.40GHz (Core2Duo) – 1 x 4MB cache
  • 4GB DDR2 RAM
  • 2 x 250GB SATA II HDD’s

We’re really hoping for a lot less downtime on this new server.

PS: normally, we would give at least 24 hours warning before moving, but the downtime today was caused by bad sectors appearing on the old server’s HDD, so we can’t risk staying on it any longer.

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