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Well, Tony finished the chat system yesterday and we tested it for a bit. It works and its in real time with updates at 1 second. The private chats we decided to leave them for now, due to the load on the server. Maybe in 3-4 months once the game starts we’ll implement that also if the server and the bandwidth consumed allows us. As for the alliance chat, you can’t change your nickname, it just uses the username of the player, and can only be accessed by those in the same alliance.

Raywall is working on the battlesystem and its giving him a few headaches. The 8 pages of text we gave him were the result of 4-5 excruciating days of throwing ideas around with Mars and its very complex. You can finish a battle by loosing all your infantry and only a small part of the cavalry, you can loose all the infantry and cavalry while the archers survive the battle, or you can loose only 2% of your army and your general would die anyway, due to injuries from previous battles that haven’t healed yet. To be more precise, the general will lose 30% of his life if he loses 30% of his army on the battlefield. If he is at 1% life and he loses 2% of his army, then he dies. He can be revived after that, but a general that dies doesn’t receive any experience from that battle.

As for Mars, he is locked in mortal combat with the design of the game. Still a long way from the final version, but something that can be used for internal testing of the game, before the alpha test.

I’m working right now on the small details, what should be written on each page of the game, what options each page should have, etc.

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