First Thing You See

First time you log in you will see an almost empty village, with only one building in the middle, the City Hall. At the edge of the round middle area you see 19 circles with a 0 (zero) in the middle of each of them. Those are the resource fields. Your job is to turn this small village into a powerhouse that will be able to train armies and support the expansion of your empire through peaceful or agressive means.

The Village Area

In the round area of the village, which is surrounded by a river, you will see a building surrounded by 23 empty squares. Those empty squares are places where you can make new buildings. Click on any of these empty squares to start the construction of a new building.

The small area occupied by the river is the place where you can build the wall of the village.

The outside area of the village is full of circles with 0 (zeros) in them. These are the resource fields and they’re at level 0 right now. Your first priority should be to upgrade the resource fields.

The village that you start with has:

  • 7 gold fields (upper area)
  • 4 iron fields (left side)
  • 4 stone fields (right side)
  • 4 wood fields (bottom area)

While they’re at level 0, each field produces 5 resources/hour. The maximum level for wood, iron and stone fields is 15, while the maximum level for gold mines is 20.